Payment Information

Pay in Full

Pay in full and receive a 5% discount for each skater.

Payment Plan


  • Payment plans are only able to be setup with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).  
  • A $100 deposit will be charged to the credit card at registration.
  • The 1st payment will be charged to your credit card on August 15th, and then recurring payments on the 15th of the month in September, October, November, December and January.
  • Initial payment and monthly charges will be shown on the payment page.  

Missed Payments

If the credit card used to process your monthly payments fails, you will receive an email notification. It is your responsibility to update the credit card information in your Crossbar account and authorize a reattempt. If you need to make alternative financial arrangements, you must contact the SFYHA Treasurer. Missed payments will be assessed a late fee and auto recharged after 10 days. 

Late Fees

SFYHA provides a 10-day grace period for failed payments. After 10 days, we will attempt to recharge the credit card on file for the installment amount due plus a $10 late fee.

Multiple Registrations

Families with multiple children on payment plans will see multiple credit card charges each month the installment is due. One charge per payment plan.

Fundraising/Account Credits

Fundraising/account credits can only be applied during registration and cannot be added to an existing payment plan. If your skater moves to another association or to High School, we will transfer any remaining credits to the association or the Blue/Red Line Club at the end of the season per your request. Please work with the SFYHA Treasurer on credit transfers.

If you have multiple skaters, fundraising/account credits will be added to the youngest skaters' account. If you need credits transferred to another skater account within your family, please contact the SFYHA Treasurer.

Payment Plan Example 

See an example breakdown of payment installments below for a $1300 total registration fee. (Registration fees vary per level)

  • $100 down payment due at registration (6 - $200 monthly payments)
  • 1st payment due on 8/15 ($1,000 remaining)
  • 2nd payment due on 9/15 ($800 remaining)
  • 3rd payment due on 10/15 ($600 remaining)
  • 4th payment due on 11/15 ($400 remaining)
  • 5th payment due on 12/15 ($200 remaining)
  • 6th payment due on 1/15 (paid in full)

Financial Hardship and/or Special Circumstances

We understand that there are times when you may experience a financial hardship, or special circumstances may arise. SFYHA will work with families to arrange payment arrangements that work for you. To discuss what options are available to you, please contact

Nick Ploussard


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