Association Fundraising


The Kwik Trip Ultimate Car Wash fundraiser is a SFYHA fundraiser the covers tournament fees for the current hockey season. 

  • Each family purchased 8 Kwik Trip Ultimate car wash cards during registration for the 2023/2024 hockey season. (You also have the option to decline the car wash cards, and pay the full fundraiser fee during registration)
  • Since you paid for the car wash cards in full at registration, you sell the cards for $36 each and keep all of the proceeds. (Many families like to give the car wash cards as holiday gifts for friends, family and/or teachers). 
  • Each card contains 5 Ultimate Car Washes. 

Personal Fundraising (Optional)

Personal fundraisers are optional and offered in the fall, allowing you to fundraise for 40% of your sales to go to your hockey account. Fundraising credits are only able to be applied during registration and not to existing payment plans. If you are moving to another association or to High School, we will transfer any remaining credits to the association or Blue/Red Line Club at the end of the season.

FALL 2024/25 OFFERINGS - Information Coming Soon!

  • Mickman Brothers Holiday Wreath's
  • Butter Braid
  • Luige's Pizza

Katie Blood

Fundraising Coordinator

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