Advertise at East Bethel Ice Arena

SFYHA is excited to partner with the City of East Bethel to offer advertising at East Bethel Ice Arena to highlight local companies!

Looking for another way to support SFYHA? Advertise your business or refer a friend or families business at East Bethel Ice Arena.

SFYHA Members - Refer a committing business and receive an incentive - Incentive TBD.

Create a positive association with your brand by targeting a captive audience, fostering brand loyalty, and demonstrating community involvement.

 Zamboni (full-wrap)$2,5003-Year
 In-Ice Center Logo$2,0001-Year
 In-Ice Behind Net Logo$1,0001-Year
 3'x8'  Dasher$1,2001-Year
 3'x8' Wall Banner$8001-Year
 8'x8' Wall Banner$1,5001-Year

*Advertisers will supply the printed wall banners. 

Have a business ready to sponsor or need more information? Send an email to both: AND